Subscribers of MTS can request MMS settings for short number 1234. By the way, in addition, the room allows you to get settings GPRS then you need just to send a text message SMS to a specified number). Pay attention to the number 0876, with its help you can also order the necessary settings. Charges will not be charged the room free. Ordering MMS settings is available to all subscribers via a system of self-called "Internet Assistant". Is it on the official website of the company. There you can find a special section on "Assistance and service".
Users of the network "Beeline" to send a request, you need to dial USSD-command *118*2# and press the call button. Your phone model is determined by the operator automatically. After receiving your request he will send you settings not just MMS, but the Internet in just a few minutes). Don't forget to save the data. To do this, in the box that appears you must enter the default password 1234 (default). To manage the receipt settings and connection services to subscribers "Beelinea" through USSD *118#.
Clients of "MegaFon" to get automatic settings should send SMS-message to number 5049. In the text, you must specify only one digit. For example, if you specify three the subscriber will receive settings , MMS, specifying deuces - Internetsettings, and if you specify a single digit, it is possible to obtain and configure WAP. To order settings, you can also call customer services 0500 (toll-free). After you dial the operator, tell them the brand of your mobile device.
To get the right settings offered on the official website of "MegaFon" (see the appropriate section). As with getting any other way, you also will need to save these settings, otherwise they will not work.