The principle of operation is as follows. MMS consists of two parts: SMS and multimedia file. If the phone does not support MMS, it will be just a text with a link to a file that is on a special WAP server of an operator. Ease of dispatch and receipt of files made very popular with MMS technology among the younger generation of mobile phone users.
If you want to send MMS to a friend or a friend, write him a text message and attach the media file that interested him. Also, if you just want to send a file, select it, go to “Functions” and click “Send as MMS”. To view MMS, your phone needs to be equipped with the technology of MMS, otherwise you will not be able to see the sent media file. When MMS came in, go into it and you will see which file you were sent. With MMS you can share the most significant moments in your life with your friends and family.
Before using MMS, carefully read the manual of your mobile phone. It should describe the whole procedure of sending and receiving MMS. If you suddenly something not clear, ask for help to the mobile operator. There you explain all the subtleties and nuances of this very exciting procedure. Over time, having put enough effort, you will learn how to automatically send and see MMS Beeline, especially without straining your head. Always send only those media files that your perspective will be of interest to the recipient, and he will appreciate your sense of humor and wit.
Beregite your mobile phone from shocks and other mechanical influences. You can greatly extend its service life. If the MMS function on your phone is not working, contact the service centre producers, which will help to solve the problem. It should be noted that the quality of the phones depends on the location of the Assembly. If he was going to Europe, then most likely it has no flaws. If you buy a phone from Asia carefully check all of its functions.