You will need
  • The brown solution, a solution of aluminium chloride 25%, garlic, alcohol, grass Veronica.
If you have been infected with fungus, the first thing you need to do to get rid of those items that is in direct contact with your feet. Therefore, without regret, get rid of the washcloths and towels for the feet. Better not to risk and throw away Slippers. If you wish your shoes, you can get insoles and thoroughly clean them and the inner surface of the Shoe with slices of lemon. But this procedure do at least 2-3 times a week. The fungus treatment will take one month. But to prevent re-infection easy.
For getting rid of fungus will buy drugs with the content tolnaftate or miconazole. RUB them between the fingers of the feet 2 times a day. Do not stop the procedure after the disappearance of the fungus. Keep on them about two weeks to avoid relapse.
Make hydrating compresses, using a solution of Burov. Soak in it a cotton swab and put between the toes. To hold enough for 15-20 minutes.
The pharmacy order solution of aluminum chloride 25%. It perfectly dries wounds and cracks and destroys the fungus. A cotton swab, apply the solution into the interdigital space daily, 3 times per day. After the disappearance of the fungus as a preventive measure continue treatment with a solution of another 2 weeks.
A small amount of baking soda dissolved in warm water, and RUB the affected area.
Take 100 grams of herbs Veronica and boil it with one liter of boiling water. Then continue to boil a quarter of an hour. Wait until the infusion has cooled, and use of foot baths. Cooked medium retains its properties for two days.
In equal quantities mix the alcohol and the extracted juice of garlic. Dilute with water in ratio of 1:10. The resulting solution wipe the interdigital space.