The infection is a fungal infection most often occurs in the saunas, pools, baths in the hotel. The fungus likes warm and damp. You can catch in your own shoes when there are small cracks in the skin, plus it sweat-damp socks – all ideal conditions for the development of the fungus.
When the first signs of fungal skin and nail should immediately consult the doctor – mycologist or a dermatologist. The doctor will examine, will appreciate all the changes in the skin and nails, will do diagnostic scrapings of tissue for analysis.
In the pharmaceutical market for the treatment of fungus are highly effective drugs local and systemic action. Treatment of fungal is a very long process. The fungus from the skin with regular application of ointments in a month disappears, but on the nails it stays for almost a year. In addition, you must carefully observe the hygiene of the feet, pay particular attention to ensure that feet are always dry.
To protect the skin and the spread of the disease, you can do foot bath with the addition of a small amount of Apple cider vinegar to treat the affected areas with tincture of propolis, tea tree oil. All personal hygiene items must be unique for all family members (towels, scissors, nail files).
At the initial manifestations of the disease being local treatment in the form of coating on the nail bed antimycotic (antifungal drug), 2 times per day in the form of ointment, cream or solution. First undergo special training nail - soap-soda bath: fill a basin halfway with hot water (50 degrees), add 1 tbsp of baking soda and 50 grams of soap. Feet immersed in the solution for 15 minutes, removed all the Horny layers on the nails nail clippers and file nail file. The treatment lasts until the regrowth of healthy nails. Local antifungal drugs can be applied kenison, drug zistan, mikospor, nizoral. The drug is imposed on the affected nail and left for a day under a waterproof plaster.
In the treatment of fungal nail using special antifungal lacquers: 8% batrafen, 5% loceryl. Lacquer coated nails 2 times a week, treatment takes 6 to 8 months. With ineffective local treatment of the doctor – Mycology antifungals assigns common actions (Orungal, diflucan, nizoral) taking into account all contraindications. Systemic medications contraindicated in children, in addition, there are serious limitations in the simultaneous use with other drugs.
In severe forms of fungal infections of nails have to go to the removal of nail plate with subsequent long-term treatment. Then grows a new nail. After a stubborn long of treatment disappeared symptoms of fungal infection, grew new nails, and in the end it is necessary to conduct control tests in 2 weeks and 2 months. After recovery, be sure to disinfect your shoes so as not to get infected again, since the fungus spores are very resistant in the environment.