Where are interdigital fissures

In medical terminology, cracks between the toes called athlete's foot or athlete's foot. The impetus for the development of this disease can be factors such as problems with the thyroid gland, improper footwear, poor circulation, weakened immune system and others.

Athlete's foot is a contagious disease that is spread through contact with infected people, as well as in public areas.

The first symptoms actively proliferating fungus, provoking the appearance of cracks between the toes, is the redness of these areas often dry skin, flaky patches. After some time they begin to crack, causing pain and discomfort with every step. To ignore this problem is highly undesirable, because fungal infection is not limited to the skin between the fingers and begins to capture more and more territory. Gradually, he will impress nails that turn yellow and start to flake off. On the skin of the feet will appear foci of hyperkeratosis (excessive cornification). Over time the fungus can spread throughout the body and affect internal organs.

How to escape from cracking, peeling and mildew

You first need to consult a dermatologist, who will confirm or refute the diagnosis of mycosis symptoms often coincide with other diseases. Today, there are many effective drugs, sprays, ointments and antiseptics that kills spores and prevents its further development. In addition, well treated cracks and recipes of traditional medicine. The most common way is to compress the bow legs need to steam out in hot water with baking soda, put between fingers onion gruel, to wrap the feet in plastic and leave overnight. In the morning the poultice is washed off, and the fingers are lubricated with a nourishing cream. It is advisable to repeat the procedure 2-3 times.

If fungal growth is accompanied by cornification of the skin and nails, you can resort to a hardware pedicure, which peels the rough skin and remove sites affected by the fungus.

Well established and a variety of masks. So, for the treatment of cracks between the fingers you need to take one tablespoon of castor oil, half spoon of alcohol, a little talcum powder and two teaspoons of chamomile decoction. The mask should be applied on the cracks for forty minutes, then rinse and lubricate the treated areas fat nutritious cream.