Buy or rent the space where you will be able to have their own office. Then equip it with the necessary furniture, electronic equipment and office equipment.
Write the business plan activities of your future company. Analyze it, what could be the planned indicators of the income of the company, the risks that may emerge during the course of your business and how these risks can be eliminated.
Buy a few trucks that will have different purposes and tonnage. If you don't have enough cash to buy cars, unable to find the owners-drivers of such cars and to conclude a Treaty with them.
Remember that all the expensive machinery must be registered with the tax authorities. That is, for each car you must have on hands all allowing documents.
Register your company. For this you need to contact the tax authorities for registration or to register in the form of an individual entrepreneur.
Write an application for a license and attach the required documents:— copy of the certificate confirming the registration of an entrepreneur;— certificate of registration of the individual entrepreneur or LLC on the account in tax authority; documents that confirm the presence of vehicles;— documents confirming qualification of drivers;— copies of constituent documents and information about entering all the necessary information for this documentation in the unified state register. All copies of documents must be notarized.
Pay the state fee for consideration of an application for a license. Attach the receipt on its payment to the above documents and pass the documents along with the application to state bodies.
Hire the staff. You will need: a lawyer, accountant, HR Manager, Manager, logistics Manager, sales Manager, drivers.