Remember that to engage in private taxi driver can only be subject to compliance with certain requirements. You must register a legal entity or register as an individual entrepreneur, to permit this type of activity valid for 5 years. This permit is valid only in the region where it was obtained, and every vehicle, you will have to obtain a separate permit.
In addition, you will be able to do as a cab driver, if your driving experience is not less than 5 years or experience of at least 3 years, confirmed labour or civil law contract.
If you are going to do as a cab driver, prepare the vehicle. It should meet the requirements:

- must be your private property;
- must pass a technical inspection every six months;
- must have a body color scheme;
- on the roof should be lamp and orange;
- the vehicle must be equipped with a taximeter.
In order to obtain a license to engage in private taxi driver, you should contact the transport office at the place of residence and submit the following documents:

application for a permit;
- technical certificate with a mark about passing of technical inspection;
- the civil passport;
- medical certificate of the driver;
- driver's license;
- the contract for the Parking lot and repair of the vehicle;
- the certificate on registration as individual entrepreneur or legal entity.
Within 30 days you will be given permission. Remember that without it you are breaking the law and risk a fine in the amount of 5 000 rubles. So if you plan to be a driver, then you must make arrangements to permit the manufacture of forms and receipts, as well as unmarked taxi cabs.