What features of the psychology of girls

Due to the different composition of hormones between the strong and the weaker sex are not only anatomical and physiological but also psychological differences. And these differences directly influence the behavior, tastes, habits. Therefore, what may genuinely be interested in a guy, often leaves the girl completely indifferent. And Vice versa.

Some girls are really prone to mood swings as for more compared with guys, emotion, and specific physiology. This should be treated calmly, with understanding. And even better – if the guy will learn to recognize when a girl is not in the mood, upset about something or angry. Then we can avoid quarrels, misunderstandings, scandals and misunderstandings.

Girls love compliments, attention, gifts, some surprises, even small. Some guys underestimate how important it is for girls to listen to the words of declarations of love, assurances that they are the best and beautiful. This is the case when the "porridge oil will not spoil". However, women are very perceptive, so the girls quickly detect insincerity, falseness.

The young person is able to talk for a long time "beating around the Bush", not getting to the point. It gives guys who appreciate clarity and brevity, confusion, and often irritation. But this manner of speaking, again, due to the peculiarities of the psychology of the weaker sex. Exactly the same as the ability of girls to simultaneously engage in multiple Affairs, paying each equal attention. For guys it's almost unreal.

Every self-respecting girl gives great importance to cleanliness, neatness. So the guy who wants to please a girl should monitor their appearance, that is to smell nice, have a neat appearance.

What you need to know about the psychology of girls, young people

Guys are supposed to know and remember that girls rarely speak directly about their desires. They at best cost hints, preferring to let their Boyfriends know what they need. "If I really loved myself would have guessed!" - so often blames the girl for her date. So, with all the ambiguity of such arguments, young people still learn to understand girls. This will save the couple from any possible grievances and conflicts.