Highlights of the torsion – opening knife and close it. Simple techniques of opening and closing are called, respectively, Vertical Open Vertical Close. In order to open the knife, take it safe stick to itself. Four fingers (all but large) must lie on the threat of the handle. Turn the butterfly knife so that the thumb is kept safe the handle to the left, index right, and the threat of a handle with three finger.
Secure the handle, hold the sides and bottom down so that it and the blade was hanging freely. Movement of the hand upward and forward cast on her lower arm. Then threat handle along with the blade reset downward. Safe at the same time grab the handle at the bottom. The thumb should be slightly on top.
Make sharp movement by a brush up, in this case remove the thumb. The handle is connected.
To close the knife, turn the blade away from you. Threat handle down and cast it into his index finger with a blade. Then lower down the blade and threat the hilt, holding the second handle on the side. Return the upper handle and the blade back with a flick.
The simplest way of rotation of the knife-butterfly – fanning (ventilation). In order to perform a trick, take a butterfly knife to his safe handle. Lower threat handle and fold the fingers to make something like a tube. The handle should rotate freely between the pinky, middle, ring fingers and brush. Thumb and forefinger gently squeeze the handle, otherwise the knife will fall out when twisting. Rotate the brush as you want.
In order to close the knife, catch the moment when "flying" the handle will be on top and slow down. The handle falls into the hand itself. To open the knife do the opposite - catch the handle when it will be at the bottom.
Another simple trick - latch drop (throw latch). In order to do that, take a knife to threat the handle was pointing away from himself. Hold the latch with your thumb against the forefinger.
Sharply apply the hand down. Release the safe handle and blade. Continue to hold the knife over the latch. All the fingers except the thumb, should be taken aside. When the two handles be joined, then squeeze your hand into a fist and grab the knife blade itself.
To perform a simple trick Basic Twirl (simple rotation) take the knife safe handle to itself. Holding her index, middle, ring fingers and little finger (the thumb is in a free position), change the direction of the balisong rotation of the brush.
Throw your knife over the middle finger, the index finger move to the side of the safe handle. Hide it should be in the opening of the butterfly. Then put an ax blade on the index finger.
Due to the rotation of the brush, turn the knife 360 degrees. Safe handle first, hold your index and middle fingers. Next go to the thumb and index finger.
At the time of connection of both the arms get from hitting your thumb. You will receive a knife reverse grip.