Initially, specify the full name of the organization in respect of which it is necessary to disclose information about the chain of owners in it.
In the left part of the table contribute information about the INN, OGRN, name of the organization, its main economic activity, name of the head, as well as series and number of document certifying his identity.
In the right part of the table contribute information about the chain of owners of the counterparty, including beneficiaries (including ultimate).

For individuals who are shareholders or members of the organization, the fields: name, registration address, series and number of identity document, the person's legal status (leader, participant, shareholder, beneficiary), information on supporting documents indicating the date and number (certificate of incorporation, minutes of the General meeting, etc.).

For legal persons it is necessary to specify an INN, OGRN, the full or abbreviated name, location address, legal status of the person, information on supporting documents.
At the end of the page mentions the name of the head of the organization, affixed his signature, date and stamp of the company.