You will need
  • - an application to the Department of housing;
  • - application form for the provision of extracts from the unified state register;
  • - request for discharge from IGROX.
Talk to the ownerof the mi nearby or adjacent premises, and gather information about the owner of your object. Perhaps in this situation, you will be given a phone or any other data.
Go to the Department of housing if the building alive as the room it will be in municipal ownership or in the ownership of the HOA.
Contact your local office of the cadastral service, if the building is nonresidential real estate and to learn the contacts of its owner failed. Write an application form for the provision of extracts from the unified state register. Submit in the appropriate box of the local branch of the cadastral service, the written application together with your passport.
Pay a state duty imposed for providing such information. Get a Bank statement from which you can know some information about the owner you are interested in space, in particular the name and contact information.
A situation may arise when in the local office of the cadastral service refused, citing the fact that there are area or even any data. In this case send an appropriate request for discharge from AGROX to the local authority ROSNEDVIZHIMOSTI. Remember, this statement can only be provided to interested (legally, financially). A private person who just wanted to find out information about the owner, nobody will provide.
In the tax Inspectorate of the district where is located the desired item, request an extract from egrip or register. It is better to take the help of law firms.
Make a request for information about the owner of a particular room or building in local governments, if the above ways did not succeed.