In order to send and receive MMS messages, make sure your phone supports this service. Itself, the mobile device must be equipped with a color screen for showing off pictures and pictures, play video and audio files. With MMS it is possible to reproduce the image resolution up to 640×480 pixels and small videos lasting from 20 to 40 seconds. In General, the size of the MMS message should not exceed 300 KB.
The MMS service activated for free each mobile operator, but to use it you need to save the settings service provider, especially suitable for your mobile phone. To request the settings for MMS and WAP, you can the technical support representative of the company "Beeline"call from your phone toll free number customer support 0611. The operator will send you an SMS message with further instructions connect service MMS to your phone.
If the size of your received MMS message exceeds the maximum allowed size, or your phone doesn't support the resolution received and cannot play them, instead of mediansalary you will receive a web link to your MMS. Copy this link and paste it in the address bar of the Internet browser on your phone using the WAP service connection of the company "Beeline". Your multimedia message will open through Internet connection in your phone.
If your account has insufficient funds to use the WAP connection, view MMS message from your computer. To do this, open the browser in your computer and in the address bar enter the address (web link) that you received via MMS.