However, it is worth noting that many sites are displayed on mobile devices is incorrect, as the bandwidth of mobile Internet can't open pages with the same speed as on a personal computer. What to do in this case? In this situation it is also impossible to read incoming messages, as they can not be opened.
To this end, developed special programs for a mobile phone, namely browsers. Typically, the standard preset browsers run quite slowly. You need to install other utilities. One of the most popular programs is Opera Mini. Can find on the website Try it in the models list, select your phone or similar characteristics of vehicles.
Once the app is installed, launch it. Next you need to make some adjustments to all of the messages from social networks were displayed correctly. To do this, click "Settings". Typically, the Opera browser has a list of the most important settings that are required for cellular apparatus, however, there may be additional options if you have a modified version. Click the "page Display". Check the box next to "Mobile view".
Now all sites will automatically take the simplified view that will significantly speed up the work with social networks. The message display will be carried out almost instantly. It is also worth noting that such settings can not be done. You can site open, not through www, and with the help of wap. Add it before the name of the site, for example, If you frequently communicate via mobile phone, connect unlimited traffic to save money.