In a Beeline access to the MMS settings and Internet can be accessed through the existing USSD request to *118*2#. The phone model to which you want to send the settings will be detected automatically. The operator will send to your mobile the required data in just a few minutes after processing the received request. The way to configure this to function, you will need to make sure to keep them. To do this, just type in the box that appears, the default password is 1234. Do not forget about the common command *118#, which allows subscribers to manage numerous services, including this.
As already noted, not only the clients of the company Beeline can request MMS settings. It is available to users of MTS network. To get settings, you need to visit the official website of the company. In it, you have to find the relevant section, it is called "Assistance and service". You then need to choose under "MMS Settings". Click on it and you will see a box to fill in. Enter the required information (mobile number in seven-digit format) and send them to the operator.
Before you request automatic configuration, check to see if you have the function of GPRS/ EDGE. Its activation is mandatory because without it you will not be able to send and receive MMS messages. So to order the GPRS settings, use the USSD command *111*18# (dial it on the telephone keypad and press the call button). However, this method is not the only one that allows you to get automatic settings. Subscribers can also order them by sending SMS to number 1234. The text should contain the word MMS (or text box should be blank, blank if you will need set up the Internet connection). Receiving a MMS-profile is available via a call to a short number 0876. Don't forget that you will be able to receive MMS only after they send their first message.
If you are a customer of MegaFon, to obtain MMS settings, please contact technical support to subscribers, by calling 0500, or fill in the website of the operator.