The room, the automatic settings of MMS, in the "MegaFon" is 5049. On it all interested persons can send messages containing either figure 3 or figure 2 (for order more and Internet settings) or to 1 (to request WAP settings connection). If you prefer to call, then use the 0500 number (free call). Wait for a response from the operator and inform him about the make and model of your mobile phone. Some time after the order (usually a few minutes) to your room will do the appropriate settings.
Please note that to receive automatic MMS settings possible and on the operator's official website (just visit the appropriate section). Upon receipt of the settings be sure to save them.
The subscribers of "Beeline" to submit a request to receive settings of mobile Internet and MMS you need to use the USSD-request to *118*2#. The model of the phone to inform is not necessary, the operator will determine it and soon will send you the appropriate settings. As subscribers of "MegaFon", you also need to keep them. To do this, just type in the box that appears, the password is 1234 (this password is the default, it is set by the operator). Do not forget that to manage their services in the "Beeline" there is a USSD-command *118#.
Its subscribers, the mobile operator "MTS" has provided a toll-free number is 1234, by which it is possible to order settings, not only MMS, but also GPRS (just send the number with the text message SMS. In addition, automatic configuration allows you to order and call a short number 0876 (call is free). Getting MMS settings is available through the self-service "Internet Assistant" and a section called "Help and support", which is on the official website of the company.