You will need
  • - PC Suite;
  • - USB cable;
  • - Bluetooth module.
Start by choosing a program with which to sync PC with mobile phone. If you have a device companies Samsung, Nokia or Sony Ericsson download PC Suite of desired brand.
Boot the program from the official website of the developers used a mobile phone. Install PC Suite and restart the computer.
Now select the connection method the device with the computer. The easiest way to use the USB cable to the appropriate format. In the absence of this accessory, use the Bluetooth module.
In the first case, simply connect your mobile phone to the computer using a cable. If you select wireless connection, click "start" and open "Devices and printers".
Click "Connecting new hardware". Wait some time until the system determines the mobile phone. Double-click on its icon with the left mouse button and enter the connection code. Repeat password input from the mobile device.
Start PC Suite. Wait until you see the text "Connected device ...". Go to the "file Transfer". Copy the required files containing the mms message on the computer's hard drive.
Open the copied files using a utility included with PC Suite. If your phone uses a flash card, then further viewing of mms messages is possible without connecting the phone to the PC.
Copy the desired messages from the phone memory to a USB flash drive. Remove the card from phone and connect it to the computer. Start PC Suite and browse the necessary files directly from the stick. With the help of the described program, you can also create a backup of your phone and save the contact list on the hard disk.