You will need
  • Cell phone, manual phone, activated sim card Beeline.
Today many phones support MMS, however, before you use the service, make sure that your phone model supports it. The easiest first thing to look into the manual. If the statement reiterated support for the phone work with the MMS service, go to service connection.
In most cases, the MMS service is connected even before you purchase your Sim card, as part of the "Package of three servants: mobile Internet, GPRS-WAP, MMS". So you just need to specify the exact MMS settings, see which you can link to the official website of Beeline.
You could disable the service, and now You again have Plavinas the need to share with your friends pictures or photos reports. Then connect the MMS again with the command *110*181#call or by signing up on the website "Beeline". After you have activated the service, you should disable and enable the phone to ensure correct registration in the MMS system.
The duration of the connection, the MMS can be about one hour - it depends on system usage. May need to re-unplug and re-plug the phone during this time.
Now you need to make sure that the MMS service is connected. To do this in the phone menu select "Messages", then "MMS-messages", "create new". The largest size of an MMS message is 500 KB. Prices and terms of service can always be recognized by toll-free phone customer support Beeline 0611.