You will need
  • - screwdriver;
  • paper;
  • - handle;
  • roulette;
  • - a burner.
Before proceeding to the replacement of burners, check out their existing varieties. Distinguish helical, solid, halogen and ceramic hobs.
Choosing a replacement, please note that the spiral burner is very similar to the heating elements in kettles (they may be single or double). Second name solid burners – Blinova (different from other models of continuous flat surface).
If you have a ceramic cooktop, then you will fit halogen models. In these round burners, or direct heating elements are grouped under the smooth glass cooking surface (they look like lamp flood light designed to illuminate). Heating element the ceramic surface made from wire spirals laid in a maze-like channel.
Before replacing the burner, unplug the stove. Then unplug from the old defective burner wire with spring tips. Attach the wires to a small piece of paper where you specify information about which of them where disconnected.
In order to disconnect the faulty burner, remove the nut that secures the ground wire and the nut that holds the bracket. Remove the bracket from the pin, while maintaining the burner by hand. Measure the diameter of the removed parts. Knowing the value of this indicator, it will be easier to pick up a new burner for electric stoves.
Install the new burner to its designated place. Open the housing cover of electric cooker, to which a hand press mounted item. Continuing to hold the burnerand slide the bracket onto the protruding pin. Fix the burner. Attach the ground wire.
Check the installation of the new burner. If you find that it is somewhat shifted, be sure to correct it, and then fix the bolts holding the lid of the appliance.
Test the performance of electric range with the new burner.