The principle of operation of the device, called the "gas-control", is simple: in the event of an unintentional extinction of the flame, the mechanism shuts off the gas supply to the oven, hob. The presence of such a device ensures that leakage of natural gas.


In technical terms the mechanism of the device is also quite simple. Construction includes solenoid valve, thermocouple, wire. The first element is a built-in mechanism that is associated with the valve burners. When the thermocouple receives the signal about the presence of high temperature (you lighted the gas on the burner, the valve clicks open the tap and as a result, he remains in the open position.

Thermocouple – two fine wires of different alloys, the ends of which are interconnected. The compound is a fused bulb, which can be hidden in the housing. When exposed to temperatures at the free ends of the thermocouple creates an electrical current, which is supplied to the termoklapan. The thermocouple is set right on the border of the flame, the burners.

Some of the nuances

The technical device of gas control is such that after the accidental triggering of ignition is necessary to make anew. There is a small disadvantage: for the thermocouple is warmed up, you need to wait some time. I.e., we have for a few seconds (from 1 to 20, depending on manufacturer and model) keep the control knob the burner flame in a defined position after ignition of the gas. Otherwise, the thermocouple cold will shut off the fuel supply. Similar operational disadvantage is more than compensated by the guarantee of security.

During long-term operation it is sometimes possible to notice that the heating time of the thermocouple is increased, usually associated with pollution; after cleaning of the findings from the burner heating time will go back to normal. If improvement has not occurred, it is necessary to replace the thermocouple, and possibly a solenoid valve. In such situations it is wiser to contact the gas supply to the experts.

It is also not advisable to forcibly reduce the heating time of the thermocouple, typically in a variety of ways to provide pressure on the valve to open the way free gas. Do not forget that self-interference in the system of gas devices automatically shifts the responsibility for the consequences of gas on the owner.