By itself, the gas, natural or propane, has a toxic effect on the body, as practically does not dissolve in the blood. However, mixing with the air, it greatly reduces the content of oxygen in it. It becomes the cause of its incomplete combustion and the appearance of soot.

Warning signs:

the bottom of the dish is covered with black hard coating laundered;
flame gas acquires a yellow-red color, in normal it must be blue.
The appearance of these signs indicates that the air in the apartment is poisoned by the products of incomplete combustion of gas and can be hazardous to health.

The causes of grime

1.Clogging of injectors (nozzles).

Often during the cleaning plate when the hostess takes primarschule and covers the burners, and foreign substances in gas burners and clog them. To eliminate the cause, accurately having cleaned the nozzle, if necessary, unscrewing her socket wrench.

2.Primarschule made of silumin alloy, which when intensive and prolonged use, often deformed and contributes to the formation of soot.

To remedy the situation, it is sufficient to replace the old primarschule for a new one.

3. The nozzle on a gas stove does not match the type of gas used (mains or bottled).

4. Changed the chemical composition of the main gas. This problem occurs on gas-distributing stations, and to affect it is almost impossible.

Why bloat gas stove in the cottage

Most often, the problem of occurrence of soot faced by gardeners when trying to connect household gas stoves for cylinders equipped with a liquefied gas.

Most gas stoves designed to use the main gas – methane. Their jets with a large through hole, which is not suitable for liquefied gas, where the pressure is much greater than in an urban environment with network gas supply.

To solve this problem in two ways: reduce the diameter of the hole or buy a new nozzle.
If you incorrectly install the nozzle can be severe gas explosion.

Summing up, it should be noted that the use of gas in everyday life has more pros than cons, and can be quite safe for health if the following conditions are met:

- annual preventive inspections of gas equipment;
- promptly rectified all faults;
- additional hood over the stove;
- the room is well ventilated;
- all repairs, including replacement of nozzles, are performed by a specialist.