First and foremost, you should know that, according to article 450 of the Civil code, the contract can be terminated by agreement of the parties or upon material breach of the terms of the agreement one of the partners of the judgment. And, of course, priority in the resolution of such a situation is a negotiated settlement, which simplifies the procedure of termination and precludes the possibility of prolonged and costly litigation. Thus, depending on the circumstances, determine the most convenient plan of action and proceed to its implementation.
Selecting the option of termination of the contract by agreement of the parties, contact the person with whom a contract, with offer conflict-free terminate these relationships. Argue and point out the advantages of this solution for each party. This option gives you the opportunity to save time, money and maintain relationships for the future. With the consent of the counterparty proceed to the execution of the agreement, following the instructions of the Civil code of the Russian Federation. According to paragraph 1 of article 452, termination of the contract shall be executed the same as his conclusion. That is, notarized contract and need to terminate at the notary office, and drawn up in writing - in writing.
If you would prefer your partner to terminate the contract of use right of unilateral refusal of its execution. In this case, give the opponent notice of your decision. Notice send a registered letter with notification of receipt. Save receipts to present to the court as evidence of attempts pre-trial settlement. In the absence thereof, the court may not accept the case for consideration.
Rejection by your partner, or if there is no response, after waiting for the expiration of the period specified in the notice, contact the court. For this you need to prepare a statement of claim, proof of a substantial violation of the terms of the agreement, a copy of the notice, postal receipt on its delivery to the counterparty and payment of the state fee. The documents tell the court for consideration.