First and foremost, you should know that the document will be of a notifying character, why not name it the statementand notice. The unified form of such recourse to a counterparty exists, therefore, permitted its preparation in any form. Note that the main requirements here are to contents. Prepare your original contract because you need the information that it contains.
Start your message with the placement of the document name "Notice" in the Central upper part of the sheet. Further, according to the rules, you must make a short reference to the content of the appeal. Legally correct wording here would be "unilateral refusal of execution of the contract". This variant of the theme definition is to be applied at termination of the agreement without trial.
Top left, place your own details, but in the opposite direction of the addressee. For each of the parties should indicate name of organization, INN, KPP, coordinates for communication. In the part of the partner enter in the dative case in the dative case position of the head, his name and initials. It is best to make a message on the letterhead of your organization, not to write own details. If there is none, you can put in the right corner of the document corner stamp of your company.
Filling the content of the posts start with links to the Treaty, writing and number, date of conclusion and place. Now name the parties to the agreement. The procedure is greatly simplified if it was a paragraph stipulating the conditions and procedure for termination of the contract. In this case, write "in accordance with paragraph ..." and cite the conditions stated in it. Next, report the violation which the terms in question, specify the date from which the contract will be terminated. In conclusion, write the date of the contract, leave a place for painting of the head and of the press.