You will need
  • The contract
Take a standard sheet of A4 or letterhead of the company (if any) and begin a letter specifying the initial details of the parties-contractors in accordance with the rules of registration of business documents. Here you will need to write the name, form of ownership, Bank details and the address of each party, the parties contractual relationship. These details can be copied from an existing contract that is subject to change.
In this case, do not write the title of the document, and go directly to the essence of the message, starting with the words "OOO ... notifies about the termination of the contract. Next, enter the room discussing the contract, the date of its conclusion and a summary of the agreement). Here specify the reasons for termination of the agreement (failure to comply with the terms of the agreement, failure to supply, late payment, etc.), conditions (order and method), which proposed to terminate the contractual relationship. In conclusion, specify the date of termination of the contract and termination of the commitments adopted thereon by the parties.
At the end of the document write a post of the head of the organization authorized to sign such documents. Leave space for printing and painting. In brackets write the last name (surname and initials). Register the letter as the outgoing document, in accordance with the rules of the document adopted in your organization.