To terminate the contract of lease of the land plot shall have the right by any party under the contract. The contract is terminated when the end of the validity period (if the contract rent was urgent) or ahead of schedule. Conditions of early termination of the contract rent prescribed in the Civil code, however, the parties may, at their discretion establish in the contract other terms and conditions on which such contract may be terminated.
Under the law, the landlord is entitled to terminate the contract of lease in the following cases:
1. The payment by tenant of rent for more than two consecutive times;
2. Use by the lessee of the land with significant or repeated violations of the terms of the contract (for example, planning permission was granted for the cultivation of vegetable crops, but the tenant has arranged on it a landfill);
3. Deterioration of land in the land parcel.
The tenant is also entitled to terminate the contract of lease in the following cases:
1. The land is unusable for the purpose which was stated in the contract;
2. The land has disadvantages, because of which they can not be used, however, such defects were not in advance known to the tenant;
3. The lessor provides land for use or obstructed in the enjoyment of them.
If the landlord decides to terminate the contract of lease of a land plot with the tenant ahead of time, he has written to warn him about it in a reasonable time. This period is established in the contract rent.
Upon termination of the contract of lease the lessee returns to the lessor the land under the act of acceptance. The land must be surrendered in the same condition in which it was adopted. If the tenant has made permanent improvements in land (for example, planted trees), and if such improvements were agreed with the lessor, the latter shall compensate the tenant for these leasehold improvements.