Make a notice of termination of the agreement in a free form, because there is no unified model for such a document. But ensure that the language used was legally correct. Because at all any complications, the decision in your favor can be taken only if compliance with this condition. In this case, to dissolve the agreement without judicial proceedings should use the phrase "unilateral refusal of execution of contract," and not "the termination of the contract unilaterally". So, review the sample notice and begin to set their own text.
Write in the beginning of the document name "Notice" and immediately beneath it a short explanation "on unilateral refusal to perform the contract." The introductory part is given to the details of the parties to the Treaty, therefore, here enter full details of your organization (name, INN, KPP, legal and actual address, Bank details, contact phones). Write details of the partner in the form of an appeal to the head of the "Director", the name of the company name.
A substantial part start with the obligatory description of contract subject to termination. Here you can write the number, date and place of signing, name of the companies parties to the transaction. Reference the contract clause that describes the procedure for its termination, in accordance with which your company has received the option to terminate the contract. Then describe the breach of contract committed by your partner, referring to his particular position. Describe the procedure of termination and date of termination after receiving notice.
In conclusion, let the demands made by you in respect of the contractor, include the date of their execution. Allocate space for the signature of the authorized person, write down his position, decode the signature in parentheses.

Stamp of your organization.