You will need
  • - a letter with a list of attachments and a notice;
  • - a statement to the court.
If the validity of the lease of non-residential premises has expired, and neither party has expressed a desire to extend the relations of the lease, the contract is terminated.
Early termination of lease agreement non-residential premises will be by mutual agreement of lessor and lessee. If achieved mutual agreement and neither party is not opposed to terminate the relationship under the contract, terminate the contract without prior notice, and without any additional conditions.
If you wish to terminate the lease of non-residential premises unilaterally, the terms of early termination of the lease must be specified in the contract. If items on early termination of the contract, they arise from existing legislation. You must notify the lessor or of the lessee on early termination of the agreement by sending a registered letter with the investment inventory, and delivery notification. It should be done no later than two months prior to the termination of the contract.
The lessor shall pay a penalty to the tenants for early termination of the contract in an amount equal to the payment for non-residential premises for one month. If the initiator of termination of the contract are tenants, advance payments for lease of premises't come back.
Without warning unilaterally terminate the agreement only by court order. Sufficient basis for a positive decision of the court will be:- the use of premises not to destination, specified in the contract;- late payment of rental payments;- property damage;- transfer of the premises in the sublease without the owner's consent; the breach of any clause of the contract;- other grounds which the court deems sufficient to terminate the contract.