You will need
  • the lease agreement
Enter into an indefinite contract of lease:it is Desirable, provided the early termination of the lease, to enter into an indefinite contract of lease. In this case, it is sufficient to notify the landlord or the tenant of the intention to terminate the contract in three months. Then the reasons for termination do not have any legal value.
Specify in the contract the exact date of divorce:If compiled fixed-term contract, ie, with the exact date of termination of the contract, for its dissolution requires a good reason. Therefore, the contract should specify all the reasons that may be terminated the contract, based on articles 619 and 620 of the Civil Code of the Russian Federation, which are all grounds for termination of this agreement. In addition, you may need and making the act of reception-delivery of the premisesto the landlord and tenant went without mutual claims, which greatly simplifies the procedure for termination of the contract.
Apply to the court of arbitration:To achieve early termination of the contract for the rental premises, you must submit a claim to arbitration, which shall include all the reasons that led to this decision. Then the judge will independently determine the rationality of the termination of this agreement.
Analyze violations of the agreement:Based on the analysis of the practice of arbitration courts, it follows that in most cases the court is won in favor of the plaintiff, if the following violations:- Rented premises is not used for the purpose specified in the agreement;
- The lessee does not contain rented him a room in the proper form and brought him some damage because of the negligence, and for that compiled the document, as the act of reception-delivery of the premises;
- When identifying with a place to subleaseif it was not stipulated in the contract rent.