Analyze accounts receivable the organization to your enterprise. Make a table of calculations for services rendered or goods sold. As a result, you should get the exact amount of the debt. Make a reconciliation report for all time of cooperation. This document is issued in an arbitrary form in two copies. Give both option to the counterparty a request to confirm the debt and to put his signature on the act. Sustain the resulting document to the contract.
Compose a letter of claim. Specify the amount of the formed debt, debt maturities and possible actions in the event of counterparty default payment obligations.
Mandatory tick size of the fine, which must match the terms of the contract or the provisions of the Civil code of the Russian Federation. Note that in case of failure you will be forced to solve question in a judicial order.
Analyze financial activities of the organization-debtor. If there are signs of bankruptcy, filed in the court statements on liquidation of the given enterprise. It is advisable to do it earlier than the tax Inspectorate or other creditors of the company. In this case, you will receive the right to collect your debt in the first place, and not wait to be repaid mandatory debts to employees, budget and other priority institutions.
Filed a lawsuit in the court, if the enterprise-the debtor refuses to repay the debt. Attach to your application a copy of the contract, payment orders, payment reconciliation reports, complaint letters and other available documents.
Pay the state fee. Get a court decision on recovery of debt and the writ with which you can apply directly to the company or of a bailiff.