You will need
  • - employment history of the employee;
  • - fountain pen;
  • printing;
  • - supporting documents.
Continue recording with the name of your organization, if you noticed the error and haven't made a record of employment or between a name and a reflection of the fact enrollment employee left plenty of room. Enter the following line "the Name is incorrect. Should read...", and then enter the correct full and abbreviated names of the organization.
Cross out the entry, if after the organization's name, there are other records and there is no place for correction.
Make a new entry to invalidate one that has the wrong name. Assign a sequence number according to the principle "number of the latest record, plus one." Put the current date, and in the third box write the text "Account number (the sequence number of the record that contains the wrong name of organization) is not valid."
Make the following entry with a sequence number one higher than you just made a mark on the invalidation of the entry with the incorrect organization name.
Fully duplicate entry job containing an error in the name of the organization, but this time specify the name correctly. In this case, use for verification of the letter with your corporate seal, if incorrect entry made in it, or supporting document provided by the employee and stamped print on it, if you had to correct the mistakes made by your colleagues from the other firm.