You will need
  • The order of the head about the renaming of positions, staffing of your organization, an additional agreement to labour contract with an employee, a personal card of the worker form T-2 and employment history.
The head of the organization issued an order on renaming of a post. The wording of the order may be: "From 1 August 2014, the following change in the normal drinking – to replace the supply division the post of "procurement Manager" for the position of "purchasing Manager".
On the basis of the order changes to staffing. For example, the post of "procurement Manager" change to "purchasing Manager".
Based on the modified staffing the employer shall conclude with the employee an additional agreement to the labour contract in writing in accordance with the Labour Code of the Russian Federation. To the attention of the employee is necessary to bring, as will now be named for him. Should also inform him that the functions performed and the wages originally established in the employment contract remain the same, the procedure entails only a change in job title.
Also on the basis of the order being amended and a personal card of the employee of the unified form T-2 in section 3 "applying for a job, a transfer to other work".
The making of an entry in the work book about renaming posts. How to submit an entry? For example, from 1 August 2014 the post of "procurement Manager" will be renamed to "purchasing Manager". In the workbook shall contain the following entries: in the column "number of entries" put the corresponding ordinal number; in the "date" mark with number – 01, month is 08, year -2014; in the column "Data on hiring, transfer, training, dismissal (with reasons and reference to article, paragraph of the law) make a note of: "the Post of "procurement Manager" is renamed to "purchasing Manager". Finally, in the column "Name, date and document number on the basis of which entry was made" date and number of the order on transfer the employee to another position, for example "the Order dated 31.07.2014 No. 175".