When hiring a new employee with human resources often doubt the authenticity of the entry in his workbook. Some employees try to appear before the new employer in a more favorable light, so falsifiziert information about their previous work. The task of authentication of such records is complicated by the fact that the labour law forbids companies ask the applicant to a particular job any additional documents (not included in the approved list). That is why staff have to be considered genuine any entry in the labor book, duly executed. Verify questionable information in this document is possible by several methods, the choice of a particular variant depends on the possibility of establishing contacts with the previous employer.

How to check the record in the workbook if you have previous employer?

If the organization on whose behalf the workbook a new employee made a dubious record that exists at the time of inspection, it is possible to find in open sources phone the company and try to figure out the necessary information in her personnel office. Usually, the employees of this Department are willing to go forward as a good employee they will gladly recommend, and in the presence of signs of falsification will help colleagues to protect yourself from unscrupulous candidate for the vacancy. Significantly complicated by checking records in the workbook in the case where the previous employer ceased operations or establish contacts with him for certain reasons.

How to check the entry in the workbook in the absence of a previous employer?

If you find out the desired information by a telephone call to the appropriate organization failed, the personnel officer may request information in municipal files. Must make a request for information about personnel of a particular company in a certain period of time. In the case where the previous employer is liquidated, its workers should be detected in such files. Finally, the last option is to request personal records from the employee. Typically candidates for the vacant position are to meet and provide input from the Pension Fund of the Russian Federation, and the personnel service of the new employer can check whether there had been any contributions for the employee by the company, a fact which is being questioned.