Advice 1: How to check the entry in the workbook

The main method check the record in the workbook – a phone call to an organization advocating employer in accordance with this mark. If you cannot use this option, you can request the data in archives or information, personalized accounting.
How to check the entry in the workbook
When hiring a new employee with human resources often doubt the authenticity of the entry in his workbook. Some employees try to appear before the new employer in a more favorable light, so falsifiziert information about their previous work. The task of authentication of such records is complicated by the fact that the labour law forbids companies ask the applicant to a particular job any additional documents (not included in the approved list). That is why staff have to be considered genuine any entry in the labor book, duly executed. Verify questionable information in this document is possible by several methods, the choice of a particular variant depends on the possibility of establishing contacts with the previous employer.

How to check the record in the workbook if you have previous employer?

If the organization on whose behalf the workbook a new employee made a dubious record that exists at the time of inspection, it is possible to find in open sources phone the company and try to figure out the necessary information in her personnel office. Usually, the employees of this Department are willing to go forward as a good employee they will gladly recommend, and in the presence of signs of falsification will help colleagues to protect yourself from unscrupulous candidate for the vacancy. Significantly complicated by checking records in the workbook in the case where the previous employer ceased operations or establish contacts with him for certain reasons.

How to check the entry in the workbook in the absence of a previous employer?

If you find out the desired information by a telephone call to the appropriate organization failed, the personnel officer may request information in municipal files. Must make a request for information about personnel of a particular company in a certain period of time. In the case where the previous employer is liquidated, its workers should be detected in such files. Finally, the last option is to request personal records from the employee. Typically candidates for the vacant position are to meet and provide input from the Pension Fund of the Russian Federation, and the personnel service of the new employer can check whether there had been any contributions for the employee by the company, a fact which is being questioned.

Advice 2 : How to check the authenticity of the work book

Employment history of the employee document is very important. However, for a long time clearance and proper registration has not been paid due attention. Forms of labor books are easily purchased at the nearest Newsstand, and the man dismissed from a previous job on a hard-hitting article came to a new job with a new document.
How to check the authenticity of the work book
If you got the authentication challenge labor books , there is this problem, to put it mildly, is not easy, especially when it comes to documents issued before 2004. Labor books release in 2004 and later manufactured on the latest technologies and is aimed at protection against counterfeiting. Such labor are only sold personnel services and cannot be purchased personally by employees. They have several levels of protection: watermarks TC visible in the lumen, iris print. Employment history new sample is stitched with a special stitching, which does not allow the replacement of sheets in the book. The number of pages is 44. All books and supplements to them are counted by numbers, is their strict account up to indicate which organizations have been implemented books with certain serial numbers.
Faced with the owner of the old model, you are actually left with only two methods of verification that can not guarantee the authenticity of the document, however, significantly reduce the chance of taking fake. Please note at the date of issuance of labor books and its serial number. There is a strict breakdown by series in accordance with the year of publication, if the series do not correspond to the year of release, it's safe to say the forgery.
Try to contact at least some of the employment records of employers to confirm the existence of such an organization and work in it employee. Better to find the contacts of organizations themselves, through help systems, or web resources, as based on the provided employee information, you are not insured from being able to communicate with any of his good friends.
Thus, to draw conclusions about the authenticity of the employment books you can, however, you should not make hasty decisions, because sometimes the employee might not have any idea that his work does not meet the requirements of the labour code and, in fact, invalid. Especially often such situations are faced by those who labour had brought in a small commercial organization. Therefore, if there is doubt about the worker, but there are doubts in the submitted document, it makes sense to start a new book, which will not cause any doubts.
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