Looking for the cause of the bug

Sometimes users computers/laptops, faced with this situation, when the mouse cannot copy the material. One gets the impression that the mouse is out of order. But the fact of the matter is that it is a working mouse, and right mouse button works too, but when it comes to copy – she refuses to perform the action.

The reasons for this may be different, and it is impossible to say for sure what is the problem. We can only try to test the mouse in different situations. To eliminate the option of failure own mouse, plug in another mouse – if it doesn't work either, then I think further. For example, you can open a Microsoft Word document and try to copy and paste text with the mouse. In this case you should receive a message that the clipboard store certain information (that you copied). Or maybe the text is copied, but not pasted. To insert text, you can use the keyboard by pressing Ctrl+V.

If it still didn't work, may help to reinstall the driver for the mouse. There's also an option to create a new account and check out the mice there. If everything is working – the problem is in your old account. In this case, you can temporarily stay on a work account, or to move all the data and use it constantly.

Sites with copy protection text

If you are copying from a website, it is likely that this site is copy protected material. And mouse this is not to blame. Some administrators fear that their text can copy the "bad people" and use for their own purposes (e.g., giving out your own). And this is the copy protection, which really can only stop a novice user. For others, a copy of the material on such websites will not be any problems.

In order to copy the text you need to do some manipulation. For Internet Explorer choose the menu bar item "View" then "View code HTML". For browsers Opera, Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome enough to use hot key combination Ctrl + U. this will open a window with the HTML source. Among this set of letters to quickly find the desired fragment, press Ctrl + F. In the window that appears, enter a few words, which begins with the text. And then copy the familiar way: by using the mouse or keyboard.

That's such a simple way, step by step, you can check all the options and determine which is actually not copied the material with the mouse.