Advice 1: How to copy text without the mouse

Initially, the computer was equipped with only the keyboardand mouse came much later. This gadget is undoubtedly convenient, but a lot of manipulation to accomplish without him.
How to copy text without the mouse
You will need
  • keyboard;
  • - touchpad.
To copy the text without the use of a computer mouse, first you have the text you want to select. For this command, use the keyboard Shift + arrow left or right. Well as text selection keys Shift + Ctrl + left / right arrow keys. You can select text whole paragraphs and lines using the arrows. This feature is very useful when working with large volumes of information.
The selected text you can copy to the clipboard information using Ctrl + C. to copy text or an object, use the Ctrl + Ins (Insert).
Next, move the cursor to the desired location and insert the copied text with Ctrl + V or Shift + Ins (Insert). Immediately on the specified place will be a text previously copied to the clipboard.
If you're on a laptop, almost all such models PC integrated device, called a touchpad (touchpad). To select text on the laptop move the cursor to the desired location, then press Shift + the left button of the touchpad. The cursor indicates the end of the fragment.
Then click the right button on the touchpad and move the cursor or arrows select "Copy". The selection remains in the clipboard of the operating system.
To insert text, move the cursor to the desired document or field, click the right button on the touchpad and using the arrow keys or the cursor, select "Paste" and the copied text is instantly inserted at the specified location.
On a computer or laptop is possible not only to copy and paste text without using a computer mouse. To perform any act or operation the computer might be good enough keyboard.
Useful advice
To open "start menu" you need to use Ctrl +Esc or just press the Win(Start). In the past often shows the Windows logo. To move around the menu you need to use the arrow buttons to open documents or programs require the Enter key. To exit the menu "start" will require the Esc key.

To move the cursor across the desktop and other elements, use the Tab key. When the key is pressed, the marker will move between the "start menu", "taskbar", "system tray" and the Windows open. The location of the cursor, usually denoted by a pale object selection or the dotted frame.

Advice 2: How to copy text on computer

A novice PC user may face this problem. You have a book or other printed publication, the text which you want to copy to the computer. Or some website you found useful information and you want to save in the form of text, lateral file. What to do in such situations?
How to copy text on computer
You will need
  • ·Scanner
  • ·A program for text recognition
  • ·Internet access
  • ·Text editor
If you need to save the information with the print edition, you can fill the text manually, but that's quite a long and tedious process. Better take advantage of modern developments in the field of copy and recognition of the text. First, scan the document.Many scanners have software a very useful feature recognition text. The scan result will be a document in texta my format, copied from the printed edition.
But unfortunately, the built-in function is not very high quality to recognize words, especially if your source is badly printed. In a texte will meet a lot of mistakes, the letters are replaced by others, like writing letters or even numbers.
Alternatively, use a special program that recognizes text from scanned images. The result of such copying of textand the computer will be better.
And the third option would be to use the online service to recognize text. The following resources are offered through the Internet to download the scanned document. After recognition you will also receive the text, which later can be copied to any texteditor like. But here, too, there will be mistakes that will have them.
Carefully read the received recognition result document. Do not forget to check with the source. Make corrections where necessary.
To copy text, you must place it in the clipboard. To do this, move the cursor to the beginning of the document. Press the left mouse button and keep it pressed, then move the cursor around the texthave to end. Now release the button.You can use another allocation method. Position the cursor at the beginning of the text. Press Shift and hold, move the cursor to the end with the arrows. Then release Shift.
Then press the right mouse button and select from the menu the function "Copy" or press Ctrl+C. this action, all selected information will be copied to the clipboard of the computer.
Now you have only to paste data from the clipboard. Open the document to which you want to copy the text. By clicking on the right mouse button to invoke the secondary menu, where you select the function "Paste" or press Ctrl+V. All the information will be inserted into your document.
Using the clipboard you can copy text from Internet or other sources.

Advice 3: How to use a computer without a mouse

A computer mouse is comfortable and familiar tool. However, experienced users claim that work by using a hotkey is much faster, because it does not have to spend the time to navigate through the menus and opening the necessary options. In the graphic editors, the keyboard will provide much more accurate positioning of the cursor. In addition, the mouse may suddenly fail and then the skills to operate the keyboard will be necessary.
To control the computer using the keyboard

Login and getting started

Most often, learn keyboard shortcuts the user starts when plugging in your mouse there is no way. When you turn the computer on the monitor displays the "welcome Window" and a list of users. To choose your profile, use Ctrl and the arrows. Having reached the selected user, press Enter.

The main menu can be accessed in two ways: press Win — imaged the Windows logo or press Ctrl + Esc. Navigate through it with help of arrows. To open the desired menu item, press Enter. To exit from the menu Esc key is used.

Basic shortcuts

To switch between Windows in Windows 7, use the key combination Win+Tab (or Win + Shift + Tab to switch in reverse order). In older versions of the operating system try pressing Alt+Tab (Alt + Shift + Tab). The same effect has and the combination of Alt + Esc.

To minimize all open Windows use a combination Win + M, and to restore them, press Shift + Win + M. For these purposes, you can use the key combination Win + D.

• Win + E — open the component "Computer".
• Ctrl + Alt + Delete or Ctrl + Esc + Shift — call task Manager.
• Win + F1 — open the help.
• Win + F — search for files or folders.
• Ctrl + Win +Tab — switch between programs on the taskbar using the arrow keys.
• Win + Break — opens the window "System".
• Alt + Tab will cause a window with icons of all running programs.

To switch to Explorer menu or use F10 or Alt. To move around the menu using the arrows. The dropdown list opens when you press Alt + Down arrow or "Up". For the tabs — arrows "Left" or "Right". In Windows 7 is easy to navigate through the menu once pressing Alt and selecting the desired letter. For example, Alt + F will bring up a menu "File".

How to work with files without a mouse

To work with the files enough to remember a few simple shortcuts:

• Ctrl+A — select all files in the folder.
• Shift + arrows "Down" or "Up" group selection.
• F2 — rename selected file.
• Delete — Delete to trash.
• Shift + Delete — permanently deletes.
• Ctrl + C — copy the selected file.
• Ctrl + X — cut the selected objects.
• Ctrl + V — to paste the selected files to the desired location.
• Enter + Alt — the properties of the selected object.

If you want to select multiple files, press Ctrl and use the arrows to select the desired object. Then press spacebar and move to the next. These same shortcuts apply when working with text. Select fragment of text with clamped Shift key and arrows.

The mouse emulation mode

To go to computer management from the keyboard, press the key combination Left Alt + Left Shift + NumLock. A window will open with the question "Enable mouse control with keyboard?". Confirm. Opens ease of access Center". In the dialog box you are prompted to select a tone when you switch the emulation mode, and configure the behavior of the cursor. It may be possible to speed or slow down.

If emulation is running, the system tray icon will appear depicting the mouse. When operating in this mode, hotkeys are numpad block. It is located on the right side of the keyboard. All the number keys except for the keys "5" and "0" will be responsible for the direction of movement of the cursor.

• "5" — replaces the left click of the mouse.
• "+" — double click left button of the mouse.
• "0" — hold any mouse button;
• "." — the mouse button is released;
• "-" — activates the right mouse button.

Pressing NumLock, you can suspend and re-enable the emulation mode. His condition can be identified by the icon in the tray. If emulation is paused — the image of the mouse will be crossed out. To exit mouse emulation mode, it is sufficient to press Alt + Left Shift + NumLock.

Advice 4: How to copy text without using the mouse

At its core, the mouse is a computer pointing device. Today most of the users don't know how to use their PC without it. It is a great helper tool for performing various tasks. But many operations can be performed without the mouse. Consider ways to copy text without using the mouse.
As kopirovat' text

Copying can be done by pressing a combination of keys on the keyboard. It is very convenient and fast, so you should master this method.

How to copy text without the mouse on the laptop

Often, the problem of copying text occurs among laptop users. It happens that the mouse is not at hand, and use the touchpad is not very convenient. To make your life easier, is to learn how to work with texts, using only the keyboard.

To copy the selection, do the following manipulation:

  1. Highlight the portion of text you want to copy. For this step, place the cursor at the beginning of the copied proposal. For this you can use the mouse or the keyboard.
  2. When the cursor is near the desired part of the text, you will need to hold down the Shift key and hold it, to capture the necessary section using the arrows.
  3. If you need to highlight multiple pages, use the Page Up and Page Down. They select the text of entire pages, but you need to remember to hold the Shift key. If you allocated too much, the arrows will always help you to correct the result.
  4. If you need to copy the entire document, simply press Ctrl + A. In this case the Shift key press is not necessary. Don't forget that when performing any operations with alphabetic keys, you should use letters of the English layout. It is absolutely not important which language you have configured at the moment.
  5. When you have selected the required text press Ctrl + C to copy the selected part.
  6. In order to paste the text into a new document, press Ctrl + V. do not forget to do the manipulation with the cursor.

How to copy text without the mouse on other devices

Almost all PC are the same, so your existing skills you can easily apply while working on desktop or MacBook. On the desktop copying text is done in exactly the same way.

When working with text on MacBook there is only one small difference. Instead of Ctrl you will need to press Cmd.

Now you know how to copy text using keyboard. This knowledge will help you to operate with comfort, especially if the hand is not convenient mouse.

Advice 5: How to copy and paste text using keyboard

Novice PC users may be wondering how to copy text with the keyboard, and then paste it to the right place. For this purpose, special key combinations, and special programs and other ways.
Learn how to copy and paste text using keyboard

How to copy text using keyboard

You can copy text with the keyboard, using a key combination like "Ctrl+C". Pre-text you need to select with the mouse or also the keyboard. To do this, set the cursor before starting to copy the passage and clamp (hold) the left mouse button. Move the mouse down. You will see how the text will be highlighted in a different color. Stop the cursor immediately after the last character and release the button. Now you can press "Ctrl+C" to copy.

The text can be selected with the keyboard and without using the mouse. For example, the combination "Ctrl+A" selects all the text in the open document or web page. If you need to allocate only one word, you can quickly click it twice with the mouse, and then copy keyboard. Instead of keyboard, you can click on the highlighted text right mouse button and from the appeared menu choose "Copy".

After copying the text falls into an invisible area of the computer's memory "Clipboard" where it will be available for insertion to shut down the computer. In addition, please note that with each subsequent copy, previously stored in the Clipboard text will be lost. If you want to keep at a time multiple passages and "get" them from the memory to insert in any order and at any time, you can download and install one of the special programmes for the empowerment of the "clipboard", for example, CLCL or ClipDiary.

How to insert text with the keyboard

Insert text with the keyboard very simple. Move the cursor to the desired location (e.g., an open document file, then press the key combination "Ctrl+V" to move here the copied text. You can also click the right mouse anywhere on the document and select the menu item "Paste".

There is also a Cut command that is needed in order to when you copy the text deleted from the selected location. Cut the text with "Ctrl+X". Further embed use the familiar "Ctrl+V" or context menu when working with the mouse.

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