There are several ways of copying text as global, which apply to any application and local, which only work in Word. Regardless of the method copy test, first of all, you need to separate the part you want to propagate. Place the cursor before the first character that is included in the copied text. Click once the left mouse button. Holding the key pressed, move the mouse pointer to the final character that you want to copy. As soon as I brought the cursor to the desired location, release the mouse button. Marked text is displayed in a white font on a black background. The selected part can be copied.
The first version of the copy is done using the drop-down menu that appears when you click the right mouse button. On selected text, click once with the right mouse button. From the opened menu, select "Copy". After clicking on it your text will be placed in the clipboard.
The following method, which also refers to global, is to use keyboard shortcuts. After allocating the appropriate part of the text, press the key combination "Ctrl+C". After clicking, the selected text will be copied to the clipboard.
In addition to these, there is a way of copying which is carried out by pressing the internal key combinations in Microsoft Word. Scroll to the desired part of the text and press the combination "Ctrl+Ins". Frequent highlighted text will be copied.
In addition, after the selection, you can go to the main menu at: edit - > Copy. The text will also be copied to the clipboard.
In a similar way is carried out, and paste the previously copied text. Place the cursor in the part of text you want to insert a fragment from the clipboard. And by analogy with copying, press: "Ctrl+V" or "Shift+Ins" or right click mouse and "Paste".