The benefit and practicality of the car Gazelle is that to buy parts for it at almost every car market or auto-parts store. For example, if you broke down the speedometer, you can go to the market and buy a new one. This is one of the main advantages of a Gazelle compared to imported models of trucks. Sometimes there are situations when you need to roll the mileage on the smaller side. Most often this is done during the resale of a Gazelle to get her more money.
To twist the speedometer Gazelle, remove the box, get to the motor and through Rossica start to twist.
This is a very laborious and lengthy procedure. So be patient and twist the quantity of kilometers you need. Then remove the glass shield, which protects the speedo from mechanical damage, disassemble it and carefully loop the videos showing the mileage manually to your preferred value.
If your Gazelle has an electronic speedometer, as described above, the wrap is unlikely to implement. To do this, craftsmen invented a special device that will help you to solve this problem. Connect plus and minus to the electric circuit, the signal wire will go directly to the speedometer. Thus, it is possible to speed up and slow down the speed cheat. With electronic speedometer on the Gazelle does not suffer and with proper care will last you for years to come. Be careful as the use of such controller cheat mileage contrary to the Charter some transport companies. So you can not only be fired but put in jail.
The vast majority of modern gazelles equipped with an electronic speedometerAMI, so you still have to shell out for buying the device that controls the winding of the mileage. Usually wrapping the speedometerand is carried out in order to increase or to decrease the mileage which the car was driven since its purchase/sale.