The sequence of steps to cheat mechanical speedometer UAZ is this:

Unscrew the nut that secures the speedometer cable to the actuator on the gearbox, disconnect from the transmission cable of the speedometer and pull. If the nut is wrapped tight and not Unscrew - turn it gently with pliers.
Connect using a rubber tip, electric drill with reverse to the cable of the speedometer. To do this, put one end of this adaptor to the cable terminal, the second end of the adapter is secure in the Chuck of a drill.
Then turn the drill in the socket and select the desired direction of rotation. If using a screwdriver, working from batteries – select the direction of rotation of the Chuck and turn on the tool.
During the rotation of the drill, observe the meter readings of the speedometer. Upon reaching the required readings, disconnect the speedometer cable from the instrument, remove the adapter and insert the tip of the rope into the gear box speeds. Tighten the nut that secures the cable to the transmission.
If the UAZ has an electronic speedometer (or odometer), perform the following steps:

Remove the block of the panel of devices, disconnect from the panel speedometer. Then remove the bracket, which serves for fastening and fixing the electric drive of a speedometer. Remove the motor.
Rotate using a flat screwdriver gear counter speedo in the wrong direction, which leads to increased consumption. After receiving the desired testimony, a motor set in place and secure it with retaining clip.
Attach the housing to speedometer panel instrument cluster. Mount it in place, secure. For winding electronic speedometer using a variety of methods and devices. Incorrect installation of the device or device usage of low quality can cause damage to expensive and complex car electronics.