All domestic and foreign vehicles in operation are subject to mandatory filling. If the speedometer is faulty, the operation of the vehicle is prohibited. Mandatory requirement for the speedometer – its compliance with the state standards. All new cars, under warranty, must have speedometers are sealed at the factory. If, during the warranty period violation is detected the filling is done, you are a joint act with the representative of the party concerned, indicating the reasons for pereplanirovki, date and speedometer reading. Always make sure that the seal had a clear image on the one hand the name of the enterprise, and with another – date and number stamps.
If you sealed yourself, then pay attention to the seal and its tail. The seal on the odometer must comply with the prescribed form, made of lead, mechanically strong, with a firmly clamped wire, excluding dismantling and relocation. Before filling make sure that all parts of the speedometer were in compliance with technical standards and has had no alterations and no sign of forced entry inside. Defects, defective parts should be replaced.
Detach the seal from the tightening of the clip (often elastic) and place the ends of the tail to the ears of the speedometer cover so that the wire was behind cover, and lead plate in front of her.
Loop the wire of the tail and tighten the clamping device, lock plate, remove the protective element. Ready.
Daily check of the speedometer should be on the move. If you see that the speedometer is rejected, and the drum-pointer spinning, then the speedometer is functioning. To undertake the maintenance of the speedometer with a mechanical drive, first check the reliability of fastening the flexible shaft to the speedometer and the transmission and the integrity of the flexible shaft.
Make sure the nuts are tightened, and the flexible shaft is fastened with staples. If your car has the speedometer is electric, be sure to check for loose wires on the sensor and the speedometer. If there are any damages, repair them, fix the wire, if the mount is loose.