The first and the easiest way to wind the mileage of a mechanical odometer consists in the following. Raise the Jack to the axle of the car (front, rear). Turn on the engine, then speed. The wheels will spin, and therefore the mileage will be wound as long as you do not stop the engine. Provided that your car has four-wheel drive will have to Jack both bridges.
An easier step is to connect the speedometer cable to the motor, for example, automotive ovens (janitors). Wrap the right mileage, install a new speedometer and connect the cable back to the instrument. Model cars with mechanical odometer: Moskvich 401, 402, and 403-408, 412, etc., VAZ (2101-2115), BMW 3-series (E-21), BMW 5-series (E-12), Audi 80, 90, 100, 200, etc.
Electric odometers things more complicated. You will need to unsolder the CPU meter reading. To buy a special programmer and connect the processor. Specify the value that you need. Specify the mileage can be accurate to meter. Then solder the processor.
More modern cars have more and reliable protection of electronics. First off the odometer can cause failure of electronics. To eliminate such errors, we need very good specialist. If you go to penny maintenance, the test car on the diagnostic computer will reveal the date of the interference in the readings and previous reading. Mileage will be void and you may be brought to administrative responsibility. Electronic odometers are installed on such cars as: Subaru Impreza, Outback, Forester; Mitsubishi L200, Toyota Avensis , Toyota Mark 2, Mitsubishi Pajero (III, IV, V), Mitsubishi Lancer (VIII, IX, X), etc.