You will need
  • - blower motor,
  • - PREROLL speedometer.
The rapid development of modern automotive transportation market has revealed the inability of road infrastructure to "digest" a huge amount of traffic appearing on our highways. To facilitate the movement of the drivers in settlements of the radio station in peak transmit live, real-time information about traffic jams on the streets.
The accounting system is constructed in such a way that when the write-off of fuels and lubricants and other operating costs it assumes that the car is during the execution of the transport task is moving with constant speed 60 km/h.
Therefore, the expenditure for the cancellation of the above resources during the movement of the machine at a speed of 10-20 km/HR in low gears in accounting simply no. Overexpenditure-of-pocket funds deducted from the wage of the driver. This has put motorists before the fact: either pay, or invent a way to circumvent the gap in the legislation.
In order to preserve the wage required to balance the amount of fuel consumed in accordance with the mileage per day mileage according to the waybill.
After performing the simple arithmetic calculations of the cable of the speedometer disconnected from the transmission and attached by rubber tubing to a motor shaft of the heater with fitted ends for connection of electricity. Then the motor turns on and the car parked, is wound counter kilometrage.
For the more advanced drivers in sales appeared device called "generator winding the odometer. This equipment is integrated in the onboard network, according to the manufacturer's instructions, and simply click the switch below the number of kilometers on the speedometer increased for two hours at 500 units.