You will need
  • - screwdriver;
  • - pliers;
  • - the motor on 12 volts;
  • - sleeve;
  • - wrenches.
Take wrenches and a screwdriver to remove the dashboard speedometer. Using a screwdriver, Unscrew the protective glass lightly catch the edge of the speedometer and pull it toward you. It's supposed to go quietly.
Climb inside and remove from the box the speedometer cable. Then take the motor on 12 volts and a special sleeve. Put on battery wire and start to pick up the polarity so that the numbers on the speedometer were Curling to the side. If you for some reason are unable to remove the speedometer, then all of the above steps should be performed with holes in the place where it is installed. It will be more time-consuming work. Therefore, you may need an assistant who will supply all the necessary tools and help to hold the removed parts.
Contact the experienced professionals, if you were not able to wring mileage. Now, there are many companies which quickly and efficiently will help you to reel electronic speedometer. You can contact the body shop where can also make computer diagnostics of the car. After all, if you are going to sell your car, each gear should be in good order and work smoothly. In addition, there are special sites autoservices.
Note, in cars VAZ modern speedometers are divided into electronic and mechanical. If you decide to wind up a mechanical, then you will not have any problems. As this is pretty simple: wind the rope in the right direction. But the twist the electronic speedometer, unfortunately, very time-consuming and more intellectual activity that will require perseverance, care and accuracy. And if you don't have a basic knowledge of electronics, then to cut it you are unlikely.