Some schools have their own system of registration of teachers, which strictly adhere to, but it is not necessary to turn this office into a kind of old school forms, modern creative approach is also required.
A teacher and her design should reflect the overall vision of the school. So, if the school adheres to modern style, therefore, teachers should be decorated in the same style. If the predominant classic, and the teacher must conform to this. In General, the classic version – very attractive.
Teacher's execute better in bright, but not bright colours. The office should be well lit and spacious. It is necessary to create jobs for all educators and, of course, to equip them with everything necessary. As furniture best used office model, but teachers should be comfortable. Place to stay (space permitting) can somehow be separated from the common area. For example, to divide the office into three zones: for work, leisure and communication.
In the working area should be present tables and cabinets for materials, journals, etc.
In the break room can fit a small Seating area with a TV and table for eating.
On the walls you want to place information materials. Now you can pick up a variety of stands, including that made specifically for teachers and curriculum offices. Is enough four of the stand.
One should issue under methodological work, where you can post materials to improve professional knowledge in special pockets to place relevant brochures, materials, the stand, decorate it with photos, diagrams, etc.
The next stand must be taken under the personnel work. It is possible to place materials related to the assessments, courses, information about the achievements of teachers, etc.
The third stand can be called the "teacher Area" and submit materials for review with the guidelines, a list of training material, schedule consultations and additional classes, class schedule, etc. Other information any content should be placed on a separate stand.
Most importantly, all items, all furniture in harmony and were comfortable.