As a rule, in educational institutions there are separate offices of technology for girls and boys. Of course, they will differ in design.
Activities of students in these classes must be safe. Therefore, the presence of the stand with the safety precautions required. Flip it how to work for the machine, the sewing machine, with joiner's tools, etc.
In the office technology for girls it is better to allocate a few zones and, if possible, two rooms. In addition to the educational area must be and also provided space for cooking, and sewing.
Where the girls will learn sewing, hang the stand, which will show you how to take correct measurements, what types of cut are there, etc.
In areas designated for cooking, place the cabinets for dishes. They can put objects painted by the children. Crafts and various types of painting are taught in the technology classes. And the best work done in practical classes, can be put on public display.
Put a few small tables, where will be exhibited the finished dish. They need to lay tablecloths and set Cutlery, as girls in the classroom technology also get acquainted with the rules of etiquette and table setting.
Try to place as many pots with plants. This will allow you to shape the aesthetic taste of the students. In addition, the flowers can be used as a visual aid when studying the section on crop production.
The office of technology at boys, as a rule, are workshops. They are more austere in design than the office of technology for girls. However, the plan is also the place for the exhibition of children's works: display stands, showcases or shelves. The best work in the form of wood carving or making things out of clay put on display. Don't forget to put the information about the name of the work, the material from which it is made and who is the author. A regular update of the exhibition.