Equip the Cabinet with special furniture, technical equipment, teaching AIDS. In the office there should be regulations on opening and functioning of school Cabinet certain profile. Should be appointed as head of the Cabinet and made the order. The Cabinet is made passport, which will indicate what equipment, what visual AIDS, textbooks and various technical tools, instructional materials assigned by the Cabinet. Compiled and rules office plan of work and timetable. Posted safety regulations. Must be the evacuation plan.
Man office of educational methodical materials, teaching AIDS. It is desirable that the Cabinet was didactic materials, tests, control work, materials, contests and competitions, various checklists, models, models, wall charts, posters.
When making the study of history , we must remember that one of the main objectives of teaching history is the theme of patriotism. Therefore, the office will place the state symbols and portraits of historians, military commanders, tables of important dates, stand with citations of great people.
Modern office has the records, multimedia manuals, videos. Information technology helps the teacher teach more effectively, interesting and brings it closer to the requirements of the day. It is therefore very important to use media materials.
In modern conditions one of the main tasks of education is not only that students receive certain knowledge, but the ability of students to work independently. If students are able to work independently with the computer, finding the right material, they develop a higher skill level independent work. They know how to navigate in a large flow of information.