You will need
  • sports form;
  • - lightweight sneakers.
Start gradually increase the distance run. As a rule, beginners should not overcome more than 5-8 miles in a single cross. Some need even less, especially those who are still in their Teens. At this stage, the breath will still lose and normalize only during the race. Yes, and it will not happen immediately. Increase your mileage and soon you will notice that the breath stabiliziruemost faster.
Increase running speed in the distance. When you are psychologically ready to run more than 8 km, you will be able to open the second breath. Just start running faster. The body gradually adapts to the realized loads and miles. It will ask more of the load. This is the key to increase endurance.
Run long runs at least once a week. This rule applies to absolutely everyone: professionals and Amateurs. Usually this should be done on Sunday morning. They should be more than the usual cross for 5 km or even longer. The second breath will open when your body will be ready to overcome this load. And sooner or later it will happen, because you have been preparing it for weeks. A sign of the 2nd breath will calm internal state throughout the cross. It can even be called a kind of detachment when you just don't notice it. You only see the track in front of him.
Arrange mountain races in the summer. This is the ideal method for pumping of the cardiovascular system and exercise the lungs. Usually crosses mountain less than usual and should not be more than 4-5 km. As it is quite exhausting running, make it no more than 1-2 times a week. Of course, first you will move, possibly knocked the breathm. But after practice, you feel energized. And the second breath will not keep you waiting!