Ask your friend to sit on a chair or a chair with a backrest without a headboard. Tell him that you have read the book about the "nerve point" and is able to do so, that he can't get up from the chair. It is probably interested.
Ask him to relax, lean back, get comfortable and to fold both hands on his chest. Then ask him to drop my head back and stare at the ceiling.
Of your finger, pretend you are looking for on his forehead the "nerve point", stop the finger somewhere in the middle of the forehead. Pause, show his concentration, and pushing this point with a fairly good effort, but your friend was not hurt.
Then ask him to rise from a chair or couch, holding hands on his chest. Tell him things like, "You can't!", "You can't get up!". Use a certain pathos in the expression. Indeed, he will not be able to rise from his chair, as your finger presses against his forehead. It is important to use one finger, as the ignorant man quite naturally arises the idea that simple exposure of the finger can not hold the weight of a man, and he begins more and more to believe that the "nerve point" works.
After 8-10 seconds of the attempts of your friend to stand up tell him to relax and felt the tension slowly drain from his body.
Now remove your finger from his forehead, tell him that his strength returned to him and ask him to get up. Now it is easy to do it. The essence of this method is that you draw the person out of balance and psychologically beat it, suggesting to him that pushing the "nerve point".