Of course, everyone is different. And respiratory rate depends on many factors: General health, metabolism, features of body, of employment in certain types of sports. But, if you follow some General rules, most people are quite capable of learning to hold your breath for a long time. The main thing is your desire and aspiration.
First of all start to train the lungs. Collect as much "air in the chest", and exhale as slowly as possible. This exercise should be done daily, at least 3 times – morning, afternoon and evening. As training a number of approaches you can increase.
Try at least at the primary level to master the technique of self-hypnosis. It has been documented that many yogis have the ability to dramatically slow down your metabolism, minimizing also the respiratory rate. Of course, this is only available to very few; you may learn to reflect unpleasant thoughts, stimuli. When people are calm, "relaxed" his body needs less oxygen for normal functioning. Accordingly, the breathing can be more rare.
If your body type is far from "perfect", be sure to get enough exercise. In addition to health benefits, this will lead to weight reduction. Therefore, at the same time reduced need for oxygen. And you will be able to hold your breath for a much longer time than usual.
After pre-treatment (light exercise, meditation, sports) go to the main exercise on breath-hold in water. Them to perform better in natural waters (if this is not possible, you can use the tub with cool water).