Evidence of leakage is easy to detect: either the equipment starts to operate not at full strength, either on the outside unit formed ice or frost. So if you find leaking freonand the first thing unplug the power. Refill air through special ports on the external unit of the system.
The easiest method of filling is by mass. It consists in the fact that before filling a balloon with freonω is weighed and then the filling process is periodically recorded the change in weight of the cylinder. However, the simplicity kompensiruet number of disadvantages – the conditioning must be removed and contoured to expose the system evacuation.
Another way of filling pressure. To implement it use the table with the necessary information provided by the manufacturer of the air conditioner. The system will connect to the container from which it is gradually filled up with freonohms. The connecting element between the system and the tank is the gauge manifold.
After each portion of freonand the gauge readings compare with the data factory in the table. For refrigerator leak freonand therefore the failure of the compressor, with the result that even when no cooling. For the filling here can also be used a gauge manifold with hoses. Usually in this case used manifold, where the two gauge – blue and red, two valve and three hoses. Blue gauge records the pressure value of the suction, and red discharge.
Initially, the blue hose of the manifold connect the Union fitting to the gas tube of the compressor, and the yellow balloon. Open the blue manifold valve and the cylinder valve. When reaching a pressure of 0.5 ATM. both the valve block and a half minute turn on the vacuum pump.
Then open the blue valve and turn the vacuum pump for 10 minutes, then close the blue valve and disconnect the pump.
The yellow hose disconnect from the pump and connect to the cylinder. Then the yellow hose connect to manifold and open the blue valve, then the required amount of freonand is supplied to the compressor.