You will need
  • - tweezers;
Determine for what purpose you are disassembling the lighter. The answer to this question will depend on the sequence and order of disassembly. Usually disassembly is to refill your lighter with fuel, to change the worn flints, replacement of a burnt wick, but often simply from the inherent us a natural curiosity.
Take a lighter in hand and pull out the insert of the lighter from the decorative case. Put the body to the side, soon you won't need it.
Flip the insert upside down. You will see a felt lining. Pry up the gasket and look at the filler of the lighter. If your goal is to fill the device, impregnate the filler with a special fuel from the bottle, jamming the spout of the bottle under the felt pads.
If your objective is to replace the worn-out flint, first remove the screw. Pull the tab-shaped springs. Make sure that inside the nest there is nothing stuck. Take pre-cooked new flint, and insert in its place. When performing the procedure to pull out of the lighter strip of felt and a filler is not required.
To replace the fuse remove the lighter completely. Unscrew the screw with spring screw presses the strip of felt). Remove using tweezers, pull the filler and wick. He laid in the filler in the form of a kind of "snake". Grab the new wick and insert it into the lighter. Now pull the new wick from the back side with tweezers. Install the wick to the desired length, if necessary trim the end of it.
Replace on the filler, gently laying the wick "snake". Insert the flint in its place and lock it. Insert the lighter in a decorative housing. Lighter is ready for further use.