Acrylic paint (lacquer or primer) for wood furniture and doors supplied ready to paint. If you spend your own tinting helmets, please note the following: filter the paint and varnish materials (LKM) through a filter 50-100 microns. This is a mandatory operation. Filtered LKM stored more than two weeks before painting filter again.
The porous wood surface priming is necessary before applying them to the finish. Recommended spray pressure of the primer is about 3 ATM., the size of the nozzles – from 1.6 to 2, 4 mm, thickness of the wet layer should range between 80 and 120 microns. Drying of the primer spend in the range of from 15 to 60oC. The surface before polishing dry for at least 30 minutes, but not more than 6 hours.
Primer on wood is designed for hand and machine sanding. In addition, the primer is virtually ideal for infrared drying. Do not allow refinishing to the ground. If such areas arise, they should be re-primed.
Are painting with water paints based on acrylic by aerial spraying. MDF should be painted in a single layer, with a recommended wet thickness of the layer from 80 to 120 microns. Place the wood surface under the angle 15-20 ° relative to the surface of the floor to make it easier to produce color. If the surface of the wood perpendicular to the floor, its also quite comfortable to paint.
Painted with acrylic paint wood or MDF for maximum performance and stability must be dried. Drying mode: 35-60oC, relative humidity from 50 to 80%, duration – about 1.5-2 hours. Use possible convection method of drying, and also control the relative humidity inside the drying chamber.