You will need
  • - sandpaper;
  • - brushes and rollers;
  • - stain, varnish, wood-protective composition;
  • - latex paint;
  • - Kohler.
Before you begin, you must remove all grease and dirt from kitchen fronts. The surface can be cleaned with soapy water and wait until it is completely dry. Then the whole tree must be treated with sandpaper, to paint went smoothly. Chips, bumps, holes rubbing putty for wood. Be sure to take off all the accessories and put it in a special box, and the glass surface are closed with the help of masking tape.
When the surface is prepared for painting, is to determine the color and material. If the wooden facade has the original light color, then you can easily save a tree structure, all repainted in a darker shade with decorative-protective composition. Excellent for this purpose, suitable composition "Belinsky library", "Teks" and "Aquatex". Not only do they keep the picture of the tree, but will give it a new and noble color. Decorative-protective composition is applied with a brush with mixed bristles.
To repaint the bright facade of the right stain, water-based or tinted lacquer. The latter will give the surface gloss and water repellency. It is better to choose water-based lacquer, its composition was not present in the solvent. Varnish and stain applied with a brush, which can significantly save the composition and to improve the quality of the work.
If the furniture was originally painted in a dark shade, decorative composition then it does not help. The only way would be to use latex paint, which will allow you to give your kitchen the facade of even the most bright color, but completely paint over the tree structure.
Before using water-based paints, all facades must be primed 1-2 times. It will not allow the paint to soak into the wood, it will go smoothly. The pre-emulsion compositions they are tinted in the desired shade, it can be done by yourself using the color-pastes or order the color at the hardware store. The second option is preferable because then you will be able to achieve the same color if necessary.
Latex paint should be applied with a roller, which is made of velour. The first coat will dry in around 2 hours, then applied a second. For wooden fronts kitchen you need to choose only washable water paint: "EUR 20", "Given for bathroom and kitchen", "Belinsky library", "DULUX". They can withstand not only an intensive wash, but the use of different cleaning products.